The settlement of Novi Banovci is located on the banks of the Danube, 12 km upstream from Zemun, near Stari Banovci. It has an extraordinary geographic location because it is positioned at the juncture of international and regional roads. The E-75 motorway, which is the main connection between NoviBanovci and Belgrade as well as between Novi Banovci and Novi Sad (60km) runs past this settlement. Batajnica is only 3 km away, and Stara Pazova is only 7 km away.

A road connecting all the picturesque settlements along the Danube, from Belgrade to Novi Sad via Sremski Karlovci, runs through Novi Banovci, so these settlements on the Danube as well as all the other villages are the perfect locations for the construction of marinas, beaches, golf courses, and for hunting and fishing. You can reach the Belgrade-Zagreb motorway very quickly using the regional road, which makes Novi Banovci the ideal place for the development of transit tourism.

The regional road connecting Banovci with Batajnica, Zemun, Belgrade and Surčin passes through the settlement as does the regional road connecting Banovci with the Danube area villages of Belegiš, Surduk, Novi Slankamen and Stari Slankamen, Krčedin i Beška, and then with Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad. Moreover, there are the Banovci-Nova Pazova-Šimanovci and Banovci-Stara Pazova-Inđija-Golubinci-Ruma-Sremska Mitrovica regional roads.

The area of Novi Banovci has been settled since ancient times, to which the Roman archaeological site of Burgena in the centre of the settlement bears witness.

Historically, this destination was the crossroads between the East and the West, and even nowadays, a house named Janeskina Kafana, which was used as an inn for soldiers and merchants travelling to Istanbul and Vienna under the Ottomans, stands in the centre 

Nearby locations


  • Dunav (1.7 km)
  • Zemun (12.0 km)
  • Banja Slankamen (30.0 km)
  • Belegiška ada (9.3 km)


  • Međunarodni aerodrom Nikola Tesla (19.7 km)


  • Biciklistička staza EuroVelo 6 (33 m)
  • Dunavska biciklistička ruta (25 m)